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Kahn's GLS63 from New York

Kahn had been suspecting that his 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG had a leaking oil filter housing. While doing some digging on the internet, he came across 603 MTech Autowerks on YouTube and decided to reach out. Kahn expressed that he wanted to make the 5 hour drive to us from New York so he could ensure that his GLS63 AMG was in good hands and would be taken care of. When we got it in the shop, we got straight to work as he wanted to wait for the car and drive back home the same day. After looking the GLS over, we found that his oil filter housing was indeed leaking, his upper front covers were leaking, the lower oil cooler line needed to be resealed, and it also needed some maintenance items performed. All in all, his GLS has been completely refreshed and is ready for many more miles to come. Thanks for your trust Kahn, we appreciate your support all the way from New York!

- Mercedes-Benz Oil Filter Housing Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Coolant Lines Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Upper Front Covers Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Lower Oil Cooler Line O-Rings Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Spark Plugs Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Engine Air Filter Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Oil & Filter Changed
- Complimentary Wash & Vacuum

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