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Should I use Genuine or OE Parts On My Mercedes?

At 603 MTech Autowerks, we use a wide variety of Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and fluids along with the OE equivalents when servicing and repairing your Mercedes. Many customers aren't aware of the difference between these two options, so we're here to explain exactly that.

Genuine parts are branded with the manufacturer logo, in this case Mercedes-Benz, and you can source them from your local dealership. A common misconception is that Mercedes-Benz produces these parts, when in reality they outsource production to a dedicated parts manufacturer. 

OE parts stands for Original Equipment, and these parts are the exact same as those supplied to the dealership, but with the Mercedes-Benz logo removed and sold in a generic box. This allows the part manufacturer to sell the Mercedes parts without violating license agreements.

What this means is that OE parts are identical to the Genuine parts being sold and installed at the dealership. The only difference with OE is the Mercedes logo is removed. Because of this, these parts are typically sold for less than Genuine allowing you to save money while retaining factory quality.

C300 #2

Oil Filters

The oil filter helps remove contaminants from your car engine's oil that can accumulate over time as the oil keeps your engine clean. Clean motor oil is important because if the oil were left unfiltered for a period of time, it could become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear surfaces in your engine. A high quality oil filter is essential to prolong the life of your Mercedes-Benz, hence why we choose Genuine or OE filters.

Air FIlters

An engine air filter cleans the air that enters your engine before combustion so it is free of particulates potentially causing longer-term issues. Think of it as your car's lungs. A quality engine air filter is essential to filtering out even the smallest particles, prolonging the life of your Mercedes-Benz engine. This is why we choose to use only Genuine or OE air filters.

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