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Felix's E350

Felix brought in his Mercedes-Benz E350 due to multiple lights on the dash, electrical issues such as his headlights flickering, and a coolant leak. We found that the sunroof drains were clogged and there was 2 inches of water under the front carpets affecting the CAN blocks. Water was also discovered in the blower motor, and the overhead sunroof control panel.

We cleaned out the sunroof drains and replaced the carpets along with all electrical components affected by the water pooling inside the interior. We then moved onto the engine and found that the radiator was leaking, and the oil filter housing was leaking oil onto the belt and also causing oil to mix with the coolant. We went ahead and replaced the radiator, the oil filter housing, and installed a new drive belt kit. The car is now back on the road and running perfectly.

Electrical Concern:
- Cleaned Sunroof Drains
- Replaced Floor Carpet
- Mercedes CAN Distributor Blocks Replaced
- Mercedes Blower Motor Replaced
- Mercedes Yaw Rate Sensor Replaced
- Mercedes Overhead Control Unit Replaced

Engine Bay:
- Mercedes Radiator Replaced
- Mercedes Radiator Hoses (Upper & Lower) Replaced
- Mercedes Oil Filter Housing Replaced
- Mercedes Drive Belt, 2x Idler Pulleys, and Tensioner Replaced
- Mercedes Engine Oil & Coolant Replaced

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