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Charles' GLB250

Charles had initially reached out to us at 603 MTech Autowerks looking for an estimate to replace the rear brakes on his 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB250. When he saw our price compared to the dealership while still utilizing OEM Mercedes-Benz parts, he booked his appointment and brought it by.

While it was here, he asked if we could take a look at an issue he was experiencing. His GLB had recently had the cylinder head replaced and he noticed that whenever the engine was under load, such as driving up a hill, the coolant temperature would immediately rise to red, and then drop down as soon as he let off of the throttle. The dealership wasn't able to come to a conclusion and essentially told Charles not to worry about it. Once we had the car in the shop, we discovered the issue was related to the screen on the thermostat that was installed from the factory. Essentially, this thermostat can be utilized in two different ways dependent on which car it is being installed in. It was not configured correctly for Charles' GLB250, hence the coolant temperature issue. We replaced the thermostat with an OEM Mercedes-Benz one, this time configuring it correctly and the issue is now fixed and operating as it should. Needless to say, Charles is very happy with the work performed on his GLB250 and we look forward to taking care of his service and repair needs in the future!

- Mercedes-Benz Rear Brake Pads & Rotors Replaced
- Mercedes-Benz Thermostat Replaced
- Complimentary Wash & Vacuum

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